Hope You Are Getting Enough Calcium Today?

Hope You Are Getting Enough Calcium Today?

Calcium is a crucial part of our diet but is often difficult to know if you’re getting enough from your diet and to understand which foods you ought to be eating. Here are six questions to ask yourself.

Calcium is vital for bone health, assisting in the bone deposition, thereby preventing osteoporosis. It also plays a task in other bodily functions like nerve transmission and contraction.

1. How much calcium do I need?

Most South Africans only manage to consume 500–600mg/day, meaning that we are falling in need of our recommended daily intake for calcium.

2. Do I require a calcium supplement?

Eating foods rich in calcium is the only and best way to meet your calcium requirements. Only when you’re unable to add sufficient calcium from your diet, that is when to consider supplementing to form up the difference.

3. How much calcium am I actually absorbing?

When choosing your preferred source of calcium, you ought to consider how well calcium is absorbed also as what proportion of food you would like to eat to make sure an adequate calcium intake is maintained.

Milk doesn’t have the highest percentage of calcium, there are other vegetables that have a higher percentage:

-32% from milk

-61% from broccoli

-54% from bok choy

-49% from kale

-22% from sweet potato

However, it’s important to note the convenience of consumption of adequate quantities of each of these foods mentioned above to satisfy your daily requirement.

4. How am I able to make sure that I’m getting enough calcium from a dairy-free diet?

Although foods, like the ones described above, have highly available calcium, it occurs in much lower quantities compared to dairy products.

Top tip: to succeed in an identical amount of calcium as during a 250ml glass of milk, replace with:

2.6 cups broccoli

2 cups bok choy

2.2 cups kale

5.9 cups of sweet potato

5. What’s The Calcium Content Of Varied Foods?

While every effort should be made to satisfy your calcium requirement through food sources, if you discover that you simply are constantly falling short, a supplement is often considered.

6. Which supplement is the best to use?

This varies counting on tolerance, convenience, cost and availability. Calcium carbonate is cost-effective but should be crazy meals to help absorption. Calcium citrate, is way too expensive, if it is well absorbed, no matter meal timing but features a lower concentration of elemental calcium and consequently more must be taken.

Calcium lactate and calcium gluconate are less concentrated sorts of calcium and are generally not used for supplementation. In terms of dosage, choose a supplement providing approximately 500mg elemental calcium (elemental calcium is that the calcium which will actually be absorbed).


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