Healthy Weight Loss Food

Food, as we all know, is a very integral part of body growth. Most times we readvised by some nutritionist to go on hunger strikes or should I say fasting to enable the body to burn fat effectively.

In my own candid opinion, some people can get a very good result from it, while the other person might end up gaining more weight as opposed to the desired goal.

Now without stressing your thoughts with excruciating words and constant grammars, let us dive deeply into the HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS FOOD that can help in controlling our weight and also help us stay within the healthy circle.


Almond is a great source of vitamin E, with fewer calorie densities. It is considered the healthiest nuts, and also contains fewer calorie compare to other nuts. Study shows that people who add almond to their healthy meal eating routine on a daily basis, tend to lose more weight and stay in shape.

Almond can also be used as a substitute for milk due to its natural and healthy nature. The almond milk is high in fibre and very low in Calorie.  Turn your focus on the almond train and make it a substitute for your in-between meal snack.


Is another great source of fibre It contains pectin which aids the bowel

in digestion and keeps the stomach feeling full for longer. It has been discovered that apple, when eaten with a meal, helps in suppressing hunger for a certain period and hereby helping the stomach feel full for a longer period of time.

The amazing part about the apple is its low-calorie deficit. it has also been shown that it contains vitamin C and fibre reach attributes.


Is a very healthy source of fat, It contains good fat and is ideally a meal plan that can be added to your daily meal, especially if one desire to grow healthy muscle while looking toned and healthy.

Avocado is a great source of vitamins C, E, K and B-6as well as riboflavin, niacin, foliate and omega 3 that is very essential for the heart.  Do not be shy in adding it to your daily meal for your new-found body goal.


Is one of the best fibre reach food, it has on 30 calorie deficit per serving and can keep you full for a longer period of time.  A much more advisable way to eat broccoli is by steaming it, as opposed to boiling or microwaving it. This helps to preserve the cancer-fighting ingredient embedded in this natural vegetable and also helps in making sure that it doesn’t cause any harsh eruption in the stomach, such as bloating after eating

Brown Rice

This is one of the healthy grains among its food chain, it has its attribute which has been confirmed to decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart-related diseases.  It is also a very huge source of fibre component that helps in moving the bowel and leaving the body feeling full for a certain period of time.  To make it less complex, it is filling and also at the same time, has fewer calories per serving.

Be sure to switch from the much-coveted white rice to a safer and better choice which is the brown rice.

Healthy weight loss food is a choice that can be decided and applied in our everyday life. Everybody has his or her off days, but a more determined mind can always achieve the best in whatever they put their minds to.

Living healthy is a choice. Why not ask your self, why re healthy food expensive? Is the world encouraging us to die faster or are they just being unfair to the human race?

Let’s take animals, for instance, they mostly feed on plants and grass but look how healthy and strong they seem to turn out.

I strongly believe that civilization played a huge role in tipping the balance of nature to a certain extent and it’s up to us humans who re determined to live a healthy life, to set a very good example on how were neglecting our principled pathway that was laid by our founding fathers.

My goal in life is that a little bit of encouragement is key to unlocking the potential of that man or woman beside you who looks like the world has neglected them because of they re overweight.  No one deserves to be overweight, especial when it’s not by choice, but from the supposed food that was sold to us with all the ads and promises of how delicious it is, while neglecting the harm that the end product causes.

I hope we can always have that one person who believes in us and always want to give us that extra push to make us reach our certain goal.

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