3 Ways to Help A Smokers Quit Smoking

December 10, 2019 fakaza 0

Smoking doesn’t just wreck the lungs, it’s a leading explanation for cardiopathy and stroke, and a brand new study says most cardiologists are not doing enough to assist patients to snuff out their cigarettes. “We […]

Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Smart For Your Heart

December 6, 2019 fakaza 0

Those who brush their teeth 3 times everyday square measure less doubtless to develop arrhythmia or failure than those with less consistent oral hygiene habits, a Korean study suggests. Researchers examined knowledge on 161,286 folks […]

How to win the fight against TB

December 4, 2019 fakaza 0

South Africa is one among the few countries globally to possess utterly switched to providing shorter regimens for treating TB and therefore the results will already be seen. Dr Laura Trivino-Duran of Médecins sans Frontières […]